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Evaluation Implementation: Team
Capacity Building for Fistula Repair in Eastern DRC

This report includes a detailed evaluation of the clinical, surgical and managerial capacity at Panzi Hospital, and also capacity evaluations of hospitals in Kaziba, Kalonge, Walungu, Uvira, Kakawende, Kaniola, and Nyatende.

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  • Ruth Barron
    Adele Waugaman
    Operation Iron Fist I & II (2002-2004)

    The regional expansion of the LRA and the resulting humanitarian crisis brought international attention to the conflict. The international community put pressure on the Sudanese government to allow UPDF counterinsurgency operations on Sudanese soil. In 2002, the Sudanese government...

    Hong Kong: Team
    Lisa Gruenberg
    Frederick M. Burkle, Jr.
    Civ Mil: Recommended Resources
    Pablo Marco Blanco
    Maya Arii
    LRA: Quote civilians killed
    Hani Mowafi
    Timothy B. Erickson

    Dr. Timothy B. Erickson is a new HHI Core Faculty member with expertise in environmental toxicology and crisis in climate change. He also has active humanitarian health projects in conflict regions of Ukraine and Syria.

    Dr. Erickson is an emergency medicine physician at the Brigham and...

    Innovation: Interactive
    Diplomacy and LRA migration (2005-2006)

    By 2005, the LRA ceased activity in Uganda. On August 26, 2006, the LRA and Ugandan government signed a cessation of hostilities agreement.  Simultaneously, the LRA’s foothold in southern Sudan was beginning to weaken. In 2005, the Sudanese government and the SPLA/M signed the...