Parveen Parmar

Director of International Emergency Medicine, University of Southern California

Parveen Parmar’s research has focused on the study of health and human rights violations in refugees and internally displaced populations. She conducted a study on sexual violence among refugees and host populations in Eastern Cameroon in collaboration with International Medical Corps. Working with Physicians for Human Rights, Dr. Parmar conducted a population-based study of residents of Chin State, Burma, which quantified the prevalence of human rights violations inside Burma and was presented to members of the UN Human Rights Council, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Labor organization, and the International Committee of the Red Cross. In collaboration with Community Partners International and community-based ethnic health organizations in eastern Burma, Dr. Parmar has studied health and human rights violations before and after the political transition in Burma, recently published in PLOS One. She designed and taught an innovative course on field research methods in humanitarian crisis, which allowed HSPH students and Burmese refugees to learn research methods collaboratively in a Thai refugee camp. Dr. Parmar has also studied access to health care of Burmese refugees in New Delhi, and is currently working to understand health access among refugees living in Boston. Currently, Dr. Parmar is serving as a research consultant to the International Rescue Committee, studying non-communicable disease among Syrian refugees in Jordan.