Mahmoud Hariri

Senior HHI Fellow

Visiting Scientist, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Dr. Mahmoud Hariri holds a Doctorate of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Aleppo University, and a  Master Degree in General Surgery, faculty of Medicine, Aleppo University.

Mahmoud goes by the name Abdulaziz and has been a trauma surgeon in Syria. He is joining HHI through the Scholars at Risk (SAR) program. This program is intended to provide a safe environment for a scholar to pursue research and scholarly or artistic interests; it is not envisaged as an opportunity to mobilize political support on the issues giving rise to the scholar's predicament (though such activity is not excluded). The Scholars at Risk Program has been the largest, most vigorously active, and most successful program of its kind in the country, and perhaps in the world. A member of an international network of participating universities, Harvard SAR has provided sanctuary to dozens of professors, lecturers, researchers, writers, and other intellectuals who are at risk. Dr. Hariri is a surgeon and former faculty member of Aleppo University Faculty of Medicine. Since the start of the war, he has dedicated his life to providing trauma care to all in need, as well as training junior physicians under his supervision to do the same. In addition, Dr. Hariri was the Director of Research for the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations and was a focal point for most NGOs operating inside Syria. In this role, he lead a nationwide survey of hospitals to identify their capacity to provide trauma care. We published that study in JAMA SURGERY this June.  We have a forthcoming article on trauma care provided and factors contributing to mortality in the Syrian war.