ATHA Podcast on "Urban Humanitarian Response and Protection"

The Advanced Training Program on Humanitarian Action (ATHA) recently released a new podcast focusing on "Urban Humanitarian Response and Protection." The podcast explores the following questions:

  • What are the characteristics of urban environments that make populations particularly vulnerable? What makes protection in urban environments distinct?
  • What professional capacity, skills, and competencies are needed to respond to urban challenges?
  • How do we measure the quality and impact of humanitarian interventions in urban contexts?
The podcast can be accessed on ATHA's website.



Humanitarian Response Intensive Course

This twelve-day training offers practical training in the complex issues and field skills needed to engage in humanitarian work. Students will gain familiarity with the concepts and international standards for humanitarian response through interaction with faculty experts and experienced humanitarian practitioners. While providing a solid theoretical foundation, the course will focus on practical skills such as conducting rapid assessments, ensuring field security, and interacting with aid agencies, the military, and the media during humanitarian crises. Participants will work within learning teams throughout the course to devise a project in response to an in-depth case study and ultimately participate in a three-day field based simulation designed to emulate a complex humanitarian emergency in a remote off site location. For more information, click here.



innovative education and training in the theory and practice of effective humanitarian action

Launched in May 2012, the Humanitarian Academy at Harvard is dedicated to educating and training current and future generations of humanitarian leaders in the areas of human rights, disaster response, humanitarian service delivery, crisis leadership, and ethical and other dimensions of humanitarian studies. The Academy aims to create a professional pathway for students and practitioners of all levels in the humanitarian space and to serve as a prototype for other academic centers of excellence in humanitarian education.  

The Academy is affiliated with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and works across disciplines at Harvard and with humanitarian organizations (governmental, non-governmental, community-based) within the sector.