Welcome to the Humanitarian Academy at Harvard website and congratulations on your acceptance to HSPH.  If you are interested in the HuSEHR concentration, we will be posting the application and deadline toward the beginning of August.  Please check back.  In the meanwhile, feel free to learn more about the concentration by clicking here and direct any questions to hah@harvard.edu.


Mixed Method Evaluation for Humanitarian Programs: A Technology-based Approach

The Humanitarian Academy at Harvard is pleased to announce that the Mixed Method Evaluation for Humanitarian Programs: A Technology-based Approach course will run once again this coming June 30 to July 3. This four-day workshop will build on the success of last year's prorgram and continue to explore the complex issues that are involved in monitoring and evaluating humanitarian programs with a focus on the application of a technology-based mixed methods approach. Click here for more details.


innovative education and training in the theory and practice of effective humanitarian action

Launched in May 2012, the Humanitarian Academy at Harvard is dedicated to educating and training current and future generations of humanitarian leaders in the areas of human rights, disaster response, humanitarian service delivery, crisis leadership, and ethical and other dimensions of humanitarian studies. The Academy aims to create a professional pathway for students and practitioners of all levels in the humanitarian space and to serve as a prototype for other academic centers of excellence in humanitarian education.  

The Academy is affiliated with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and works across disciplines at Harvard and with humanitarian organizations (governmental, non-governmental, community-based) within the sector.